Friday Breakfast: Plum Galette from Balthazar Bakery


[Photograph: Max Falkowitz]

There are plenty of breakfasts for your average day: a bagel, a croissant, or just a quick sip of coffee and handful of cold cereal. But then there are your Friday breakfasts, your "I'm done with the week and want to feel on top of the world" breakfasts. Sure, you could say the Plum Galette ($5.75) from Balthazar is just a pie, but it's more apt to call it a celebration.

"Now that's a pastry," some of us commented. "I would never feel bad about eating that and would never turn it down," said Erin. And I'd have to agree. This is a gorgeously crisp, beautifully buttery pastry showcase for rich, jammy plums and deeply nutty almonds. It's plenty sweet, but in a plush, luxurious way—and just tart enough to stay balanced. There are good fruit pies and there are great fruit pies, but this was a fruit pie we just couldn't stop eating.

It's also generously sized, large enough to share with one or two people while remaining fully satisfied—not that you'll want to share. Get one for a morning nibble (Friday not required). You'll walk tall and feel like a hero.

Balthazar Bakery

80 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012 (map) 212-965-1785