A 1-Hour NYC Chinatown Tour with Los Angeles Chef Susan Feniger

[Photographs: Erin Zimmer]

When we heard Los Angeles chef and street food lover Susan Feniger (Border Grill, Street) would be in town and wanted to meet up for a bite, we knew this wouldn't just be a one-stop lunch. Since SEHQ is located in that magical nexus of Chinatown and Little Italy, where it's actually difficult to spend more than three bucks for a hefty meal (or meal-sized snack), it becomes our civic duty to take out-of-towners on a roving lunch crawl.

Especially in the case of true serious eaters like Susan. She was ready to pre-game with porchetta, saving her plastic fork for the roast pork takeaway around the corner, with extra forks in her pocket for the rest of us. Food crawl pro, right? In between stops, we'd turn around and find her squeezing produce at Chinatown markets, chatting up the vendors.

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The Susan Feniger Tour was comprised of six stops, all of which are neighborhood favorites for cheap eats. Here's a play-by-play of our hour(ish) lunch crawl, which came to $20 total and some change.

  • 12:45: Di Palo for Porchetta
  • 12:59: Golden Steamer for pumpkin and salted yolk bao
  • 1:07: Rice roll cart on Hester and Elizabeth (+ delay searching for cart)
  • 1:18: New Kim Tuong for roast pork
  • 1:29: Prosperity Dumplings for sesame pancakes with duck and pork dumplings
  • 1:41: Shanghai Cafe Deluxe for soup dumplings
Fifth stop: Prosperity Dumpling

See photos of all the stops in the slideshow >>