The Brunch Dish: The Brunch Special at Campo de' Fiori

The Brunch Dish

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[Sub-par iPhone photo: Carey Jones]

My usual brunch at Campo de' Fiori in Park Slope is to stroll in around 2pm, order a bacon-studded Matriciana, take the leftovers home for dinner and call it a day. (Which is why I didn't bring a real camera along on my last visit, as you can plainly see.) But the $15 brunch special on that visit turned out to be a much more interesting plan. That sum gets you a four-part brunch: a crepe with apples, radicchio, and Gorgonzola; toast with a spreadable egg yolk, tomato and Pecorino; a piece of their "brunch pizza" with scrambled eggs on top; and tiramisu.

Thankfully, the first three "courses" arrive on one platter. I love any excuse to slather egg yolk on toast, and while this one could've been a touch more spreadable, it still integrated beautifully with the tomato sauce and Pecorino, like the best piece of bread you dip in a shakshuka. I'm a huge fan of their "brunch pizza," a smart tangle of bacon, potato, and sweet caramelized onion with scrambled eggs to top. Greasy and satisfying in all the best of ways. But the surprise winner was really that crepe, with just the right amount of Gorgonzola to bind those other ingredients together and impart that signature funk, yet not nearly enough to overwhelm.

Campo de' Fiori

187 5th Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11217 (map) 347-763-0933