First Look: Brunch at The Beagle

[Photographs: Alice Gao]

Brunch service at The Beagle hasn't been too crazy since its debut in early March, but don't expect it to stay wait-free for long. Since last May, The Beagle has been turning out a brand of thoughtful, flavor-packed dishes, focusing on seasonal produce and nose-to-tail approaches to meat. Their brunch dishes, courtesy of Chef Garrett Eagleton, are no exception.

What you can expect: serious breakfast meats (corned tongue, anyone?), playful, savory-sweet twists on classic dishes (yup, that's foie butter on your pancakes), and even one of their much-lauded pairing boards.

Owner Matt Piacentini was originally hesitant about starting daytime service since cocktails are so essential to the Beagle experience. But once he realized his clientele would be receptive to a serious drink program during the day, he took the plunge.

"Also, I have a son now," he says. "He goes to bed at like, 7, so he never got to come in to the restaurant. With brunch, now he can come hang out!"

Check out some of the menu items in the slideshow above. Click here for a first look at The Beagle's brunch cocktails.

The Beagle

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