Sugar Rush: Fugetsudo's Gaufres at Mitsuwa

Sugar Rush

Your daily dose of something sweet.


[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

At the Fugetsudo Confectionery stand inside New Jersey Japanese grocery Mitsuwa, the Kobe-based company offers their legendary gaufres. $9 for six crisp discs. "Gaufre" is the French word for "waffle," but these are more akin to delicate wafers. Three flavors, two of each packed in separate bags. A bare smother of flavored cream comes sandwiched by the two airy rice wafers. They effortlessly give in with that first bite.

The classic set features a flavor trio of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. But l prefer the other set, which surprises with green tea, coffee, and an unexpectedly potent jasmine tea filling. Larger gaufres (pictured) are great for eating on your own, but their petit gaufres (same flavor options, just a fourth of the size) are ideal for parties and gift-giving.


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