8 New Cupcake Shops (and Cupcakes) We Love in NYC

[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

There seems to be about a million different types of cupcakes. Chocolate and vanilla. The more creative flavors—and the crazy flavors. The really good ones, and the really bad ones. There are the classic NYC cupcake shops, places like ChikaLicious, Sugar Sweet Sunshine, and Two Little Red Hens; they always remain among our favorites.

But since the last time we checked out the cupcake scene, there have been a great number of developments in the cupcake world. New flavors at favorite bakeries. New chefs at some. And some new bakeries altogether. So today, here are eight cupcake spots that've become favorites since our last crazy tour of cupcakes in the city. (Not all these specialize in cupcakes; at Doughboy Bake Shop and Ivy Bakery, cupcakes are just one of the many things they do well.)

Click on through to find our new favorites, as well as notes on not-to-miss flavors.