Gallery: We Eat Every Dipping Sauce at Pommes Frites

Taste the Rainbow
Taste the Rainbow

From pomegranate teriyaki to mango-chili.

The Tomato-Based Sauces
The Tomato-Based Sauces

Barbecue: Smoky and sweet, pretty much what you’re familiar with if you use barbecue sauce from a bottle.

Mexican ketchup: Comes with a red layer and a green layer. The green stuff is super-garlicky green salsa, the red is standard ketchup. They work better together than apart, but you shouldn’t plan on kissing anyone after.

Curry ketchup: This one is kind of fun, if you like your fries with a sweet Indian touch.

Irish curry: You might see this stuff as a condiment option at fish and chip shops. It’s a little salty and not super-flavorful, but might tap into some kind of nostalgia for some folks.

Sundried tomato: This creamy dipping sauce is quite salty, with some dried herbs in the mix. Not a ton of tomato flavor.

The Herby Sauces
The Herby Sauces

Dill lemon: Very mild, with not much lemon flavor. Basically just mayonnaise with some dill mixed in.

Pesto mayo Though it seems like pesto should work well without the mayo, a respectable amount of actual pesto flavor manages to sneak through.

Roasted garlic: Sweet, with a decent amount of roasted flavor.

Horseradish: This is some pretty tame horseradish.

Rosemary garlic: Sure, there's a ton of rosemary flavor, but this is far too sweet.

The "Asian" Sauces (for lack of a better name)

Peanut satay: A nice blend of flavors, a little heavy on the ginger. The sauce does taste like it was mixed a few days ago, though, as the peanuts are not exactly crunchy anymore.

Sweet chili: A little too gel-like, a little too sweet.

Vietnamese pineapple: Interesting. Very sweet and herbal with a faint pineapple background and a bit of heat. Strangely fatty too, like there’s mayo or at least plenty of oil in here.

Pomegranate teriyaki: We get neither pomegranate nor teriyaki from this mayo-based sauce. What I do get is a very gingery, sweet mayo with a touch of soy. Maybe ginger/soy is supposed to make it taste vaguely Asian and vaguely Asian = teriyaki by default?

Sambal: This tastes like straight-from-the-jar Huy Fong brand Sambal Oelek (crushed fresh chili sauce). That is to say, it tastes like something we want to put on everything, including fries.

Flavored Mayos
Flavored Mayos

Wasabi Mayo: A decent wasabi taste but a sweetness that sort of seems put of place. Potent but hardly aggressive.

Sweet Mango Chutney: Not at all bad, but much more sweet-and-spicy than anything identifiable as mango.

Black truffle: HELLO, truffle oil. Totally dominant in an unpleasant way. You'd have to really love truffle oil to want this much of it.

Smoked eggplant: Super smoky, the smoke flavor is much stronger than the eggplant. Kind of nice in a mayo-mixed-with-babaganoush way.

Wild mushroom: Mushroom flavor too weak to add anything other than a kind of earthy and kind of rubbery-bit way.

The Cheeses and Mustards
The Cheeses and Mustards

Dijon: Classic French-style Dijon; makes the nose flare a little, definitely has some bite but also a smooth, creamy mustard texture.

Parmesan pepper: Peppercorny, a little sweet, reminiscent of peppery Caesar salad dressing.

Cheddar: Florescent orange nacho cheese dip. you dip, and it fossilizes that fry-indentation; you know that cheezy, semi-gluey texture.

Honey mustard: Very sweet, more candy than mustard.

Blue cheese: Thick wall of blue cheese, not the runny kind; you must apply some force as you poke through with fry. Sweet, not very tangy, throat-coatingly creamy.

The Weird Ones
The Weird Ones

Curry Ketchup Especial: In both of these, the mayonnaisey parts and the other element (here, curry ketchup) stay separate...

War Sauce: ... and the raw onion dominates just about everything.