Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Tom Colicchio's West Village

Editor's note: You've already seen our New York editors' neighborhood guides, in which the SE staff—Ed, Carey, Erin, and more—chat about their favorite places to eat in their own neighborhoods. But we're branching out to other food personalities. New SE'r Allegra Ben-Amotz will chat with a different food celeb every week, bringing you their favorite everyday eats. First up? Tom Colicchio on the West Village. —The Mgmt..

Tom Colicchio's Craft restaurants secured his status as a major player on the New York food scene, and thanks to his gig as lead judge for Bravo's Top Chef, he's now a household name. The recipient of five James Beard awards and author of three cookbooks, Colicchio has restaurants across the country, but his home base is the West Village, where he lives with his wife and three sons. Tom took some time out of his busy schedule to share his favorite spots in the neighborhood for Serious Eats' first installment of Neighborhood Guides.

Tom's Picks


Ice Cream/Gelato: L'Arte del Gelato The location on 7th Avenue or in Chelsea Market.

Sandwich: Zampa The mozzarella, eggplant, roast pepper sandwich on ciabatta, pressed in a sandwich press.


Burger: The Spotted Pig Their burger with Roquefort and shoestring fries.


Photographs: Robyn Lee

Pizza, By-the-Pie: Colicchio & Sons The Tap Room at Colicchio & Sons. Our pizzas don't get enough love, but they're really delicious. [Ed. note: Okay, Tom, we'll give ya one shout-out.]

Pizza, Slice: Two Boots We usually order a whole pizza, so I don't really order by the slice. but it's great New York-style pizza.

Coffee: Kava For espresso or black coffee.


Bagel: Ess-A-Bagel Okay, it's not in my neighborhood, but it's well worth the drive.

Delivery Food: Sammy's Noodle Shop Sammy's Noodle Shop for noodles. I always get the roast pork wontons and turnip cakes.

Breakfast: Bonsignour When I don't eat it at home.

Takeout: Spice Spice for Thai food. I get the duck salad and pad see ew.


Falafel: Taim I don't eat falafel much but when I do, it's from Taim.

Date Night: Soto Soto for sea urchin, squid with shiso and quail egg.

Can't-Miss Spot: Barbuto Of course, I get the roasted chicken.

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