First Look: Back Forty West

[Photographs: Jessica Leibowitz]

Peter Hoffman didn't have to look far for ideas when he set out to revamp his Soho farm-to-table institution, Savoy. Drawing the style and name from his East Village restaurant Back Forty, Hoffman is opening Back Forty West for breakfast and lunch tomorrow (February 29). Both breakfast and lunch are available to go, with breakfast options including housemade pastries and Terroir Coffee.

The space echoes the clean, rustic aesthetic of the Avenue B original, and is meant to be a more casual experience than Savoy while maintaining the chef-driven spirit of the original. A communal table dominates the restaurant's second floor, sitting in front of one of Savoy's signature fireplaces.

Chef Shanna Pacifico's menu highlights a similar comfort food approach to Back Forty, but with a different style of organization. Dishes are divided into Breads, Hands, Spoon & Ladle, Fork & Knife, Fork, and Spoon categories. "People are tired of the appetizer-entree-dessert restriction," Hoffman said. "Another way of organizing is thinking, how do we eat?"

So, under "Hands" you'll find ribs, the lauded Back Forty burger, and green chili pork face nuggets. "Maybe it'll give people more license to eat with their hands," Hoffman said. "I'm still waiting to put salad under that category!"

Salads, along with seasonal vegetable sides, instead appear under "Fork," while green curry fish stew falls into the "Soup & Ladle" category.

Dinner service will begin in a few weeks, and will include family-style meat dishes (such as suckling pig). Other things to look forward to? More one-pot entrees, including cassoulet and feijoada, and a number of new items on both the breakfast and brunch menus.

We checked out a number of new dishes appearing on the current lunch menu. Take a look in the slideshow above!

Back Forty West

70 Prince Street, New York NY 10012 (map) 212-219-8570