Kenji's 8 Best Bites in New York From 2011

After years of eating, you discover that the best bites are often not the most expensive bites. It doesn't take truffles and lobster and fancy French technique to make something delicious. Which is not to say that those things can't be incredible (here's lookin' at you, Le Bernardin). Here are the eight best things I ate in New York this year. Most are really cheap, some are a little pricey, but all are freaking delicious.

All Of The Bites...

1. Kra Pao Moo Korb from Zabb Elee »
2. Cold Cut Sandwich from Best Pizza »
3. Tears in Eyes from Legend »
4. Cocoron Fresh Tofu »
5. Lamb Burger and Thrice Cooked Fries from The Breslin »
6. Manouri Cheese & Fig Sandwich at The Smile »
7. Fried Duck Egg and Ramps from The Spotted Pig»
8. Lobster Cappuccino from Le Bernardin »