Sugar Rush: Pumpkin Tart at City Bakery

Sugar Rush

Your daily dose of something sweet.


[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

This Pumpkin Tart sticks around at City Bakery for bit after Thanksgiving. It's one of my go-to pumpkin treats when craving a pie of the non-traditional sort. Here the sweet, wobbly filling, faintly scented with cinnamon and nutmeg, gets tucked into to a crumbly and fairly tall tart shell. I like the shell just as much, if not more than the pie filling itself. It's buttery with a sort of crushed graham cracker essence to it, and crumbles in all the right ways. The outermost edge of the pie where filling meets crust is my favorite bite, though I'm sure you could easily gobble down the whole thing in a sitting—no ice cream or whipped cream required.

City Bakery

3 West 18th Street New York NY 10011 (map) 212-366-1414