30 Sandwiches We Loved This Year in NYC

Last year on this hallowed holiday—National Sandwich Day, of course—we introduced you to 26 of our recent favorite sandwiches. And it was the most popular Serious Eats NY post of all time. So this November 3rd, we're back with 30 more sandwiches we've loved in New York in the 365 days since. Some are New York classics, some newcomers to the city. But they're all delicious in our eyes—from food carts to restaurants, Brooklyn to The Bronx.

The Braised Braciole at Rubirosa »
The Italiano at Bierkraft »
Roasted Turkey Sandwich From Stellina »
Avocado and Sweet Potato at Nectar »
Tuna, Egg, and Anchovy at Bklyn Larder »
Jack's Club at Russo's Mozzarella and Pasta »
Croque Madame at Buvette »
Grilled Cheese and Plantain at Pilar Cuban Eatery »
Prosciutto Cotto, Mortadella and Provolone at DiPalo Selects »
The Grilled Pork Bánh Mì from Paris Sandwich »
The Goat Cheese Panino at Balaboosta »
Pork Bracciole from Zito's Sandwich Shoppe »
Samosa Sandwich at Rajbhog »
Sausage, Broccoli Rabe, Mushroom and Taleggio Panini at Bocca Lupo »
'Famous Steak Sub' from The Wing Bar »
Ham and Fontina Sandwich from Sigmund Pretzelshop »
Duck Sandwich at Egg »
Arepa at Coppelia »
Red's Dead at the Deli and General Store »
Gouda Grilled Cheese at Queens Kickshaw in Astoria »
Roast Pork Special at Shorty's »
Eggplant at Kulushkät »
Chicken Shawarma from Karam Restaurant »
Dave at City Sandwich »
Pernil with a Twist at Sophie's Cuban »
Eggplant Egg Sandwich at Farm on Adderley »
Cemita from Estrellita Poblana III »
Best Pizza's Meatball Sub »
Juancho Cemita at Café Ollin »
Cheesesteak at Kwik Meal »