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[Photograph: Mitchell Greenberg]

"One day, I thought, 'Gee, I wonder how you make marshmallows,'" says Mitchell Greenberg, who describes himself as a lifelong fan of marshmallows and candy in general. The results of his experiments turned out to be so "amazingly delicious" that he christened his confections Mitchmallows and set about building a line of unusual flavors. "I'm always seeing what new flavor I can squeeze into a marshmallow," he adds. "Marshmallow is a great conduit for trying out flavors."

There are currently 36 different Mitchmallows on offer, though not all of them are available all the time. Some of the flavors make perfect sense in a marshmallow context: Fluffernutter or Creamsicle or Maple Syrup Pancake, for example, while others may take a moment to settle on the mental palate (Wasabi and Ginger?). Greenberg isn't shy about including some texture, adding pretzel bits to his Pretzels and Beer Mitchmallows or graham cracker crumbs to Pumpkin Pie.

The Pumpkin Pie variety is part of Greenberg's first seasonal collection, which he did for Thanksgiving this year. "I had a dream that it would be great to do an entire meal that was all marshmallows," he explains. He already had a sweet potato and vanilla flavor in the line-up, which cheekily recalled casseroles of yore. Pumpkin pie and cranberry were next. And then he thought, "I've got to try gravy." While he concedes that the "novelty quotient is pretty high" with the gravy marshmallows, he says he can see some adventurous eaters trying a bit along with their turkey.

"People have trouble wrapping their head around savory marshmallows," he explains, though he acknowledges that some flavors work better than others. BLTs made with tomato Mitchmallows were a hit this summer, but early experiments with a chicken soup flavor, he admits, were "not very successful."

Next up, for the holiday season, he'll be making a crowd pleaser: Candy Cane marshmallows, which he says are "amazing in hot cocoa."

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