Sugar Rush: Apple Tarts at O Cafe

Sugar Rush

Your daily dose of something sweet.


[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

When O Cafe first opened at the corner of 6th Avenue and 12th Street at the beginning of the year, most their pastries were outsourced from places including Three Tarts and Balthazar. Since then, they've gradually started baking more goods in-house. Cheers to that, for their house-made sweets includes everything from Espresso Brownie squares to Pao de Mel, a nutmeg-rich honey cake dotted in walnuts and enrobed in a silky coat of dark chocolate. For autumn, look out for Apple Tarts, each one just four or five bites, a buttery thin shell with a flaky crunch. With edges dusted in sugar, and slices of tender, skin-on apples tucked in with no particular order, it's more homey than professional; but there's nothing wrong with that.

O Cafe

482 6th Avenue, New York NY 10012 (map) 212-229-2233