Smörgåsboard: Elk Burger, Pork Belly


[Photo: We Heart NY]

  • "The elk burger" at Bareburger, "though it doesn't hold together as well as ground beef does, had all of the rich gaminess we expected." [We Heart NY]
  • Grilled pork belly at Grill 21: "The pork was firm and chewy in that perfect way that pork belly can be when it's cooked quickly. There were salty charred bits here and there. I didn't want it to end." [Midtown Lunch]
  • "Nicky Special" at Defonte's: "There's a good amount of meat, but not a crazy amount, and in exchange you get mushrooms and Nicky's Famous Hot Salad (vegetables vary, but cauliflower and onions are usually present)." [Bionic Bites]