Smörgåsboard: Takoyaki, Ice Cream Cake


[Photo: The Eaten Path]

  • Takoyaki at Otafuku: "These fluffy, golden-brown, spherical griddle cakes are stuffed with springy octopus meat, slathered in a salty/sweet mystery sauce, drizzled lightly with mayo, sprinkled with dried seaweed flakes and topped off with a fistful of super savory katsuobushi." [The Eaten Path]
  • Labne Sandwich at Mimi's Hummus: "The cauliflower/labne combination work well together on their own, but the addition of the cumin stewed mushrooms and green tahini sauce take it to the next level." [Blondie and Brownie]
  • Spicy Mexican Coffee ice cream cake "with espresso ice cream, a spicy chocolate brownie cake, and an amazing cinnamon-tamarind icing" at Quality Meats: "I was blown away by the intense flavors and it was too easy to get in touch with my birthday party crashing 12 year-old self." [Quality Meats]