Lunch Today: Tripe Stew with Daikon from Grand Street Food Cart

Lunch Today

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[Photo: Shell Tu]

I've always been tempted to buy something from this food cart as I pass by, and recently stopped there to pick up lunch. Located on Grand Street between Bowery and Chrystie, this nameless food cart features a good variety of classic Hong Kong eats, from curry fishballs to rice noodle rolls. Staring at the illegible handwritten menu in Chinese, I gave up reading it and just asked the owner for recommendations; he suggested the tripe stew.

When he opened the metal lid to scoop up the stew, the hearty smell wafted up along with the hot steam. Although the dish is packed in a small bowl, the owner tried hard to overstuff the container; it's almost impossible to put the cap on. Cut up in bite-size pieces, the tripe is much more tender and flavorful than I expected. However, it was the chunks of daikon that really won me over. They soaked up all the meaty broth, and the hot juice burst out as I bit into them, the fiber softened after hours of stewing. It might not be the best idea for a hot day, but it's pretty irresistible nonetheless.

Food Cart

Grand Street between Bowery and Chrystie Streets (map)