Behind The Scenes At Dolce Vizio, The Tiramisu Bar In Manhattan

[Photographs: Donny Tsang]

It's easy to be charmed when you walk into Dolce Vizio, the first tiramisu bar in New York City. The great thing about tiramisu—it's three amazing things, cream, alcohol, and coffee all in one simple dessert.

Owner Nadia Tade let me into her kitchen, and started the day off by assembling a raspberry tiramisu, followed by a classic. She also showed me how people can create their own tiramisu with ladyfingers soaked in different sauces and about a dozen different toppings.

Check the slideshow out for a peek into their kitchen.

Dolce Vizio

131 Christopher Street, New York NY 10014 (map) 646-669-7432

About the Author: Donny Tsang traded a life of traffic jams in LA for one of crowded subways in NYC, where he's been since 2003. Now he is a Brooklyn-based food photographer and founded the website Foodaissance, where he photographs local artisans.