Doughnuts by Vegan Divas

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[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

You know you live in the right city when the doughnuts are great, and you can find vegan doughnuts that stack right up to the competition. Babycakes makes tiny, picture-perfect doughnuts packed in a pink box. They're oily in all the right ways, with flavors such as a chocolate-y cookie crunch, vanilla sprinkle, a gooey caramel, and the classic cinnamon-sugar.

But while they may be the most popular place for vegan doughnuts in town, they're not the only ones. Welcome Vegan Divas, a line of vegan baked goods by Fernanda Capobianco-Payard (the wife of esteemed pastry chef Francois Payard). Currently stocked at Butterfield Market and Garden of Eden, among other locations, these vegan doughnuts are larger than the ones at Babycakes and comes in chocolate-iced, toasted coconut, and my personal favorite, the cinnamon sugar. The cinnamon-sugar is a memorable cake doughnut by any standards, crumbly and moist, employing apple cider vinegar and coconut oil in place of the usual ingredients. It's got the nice, oily mouthfeel of your "normal" doughnut thanks to a brush of coconut oil over the doughnut surface. Cinnamon-sugar to finish, and you won't be left feeling weighed down in the least.

Vegan Divas

Sold at various locations in NYC