The Brunch Dish: 'Poached Eggs, Cubed Toast' at Shopsin's

The Brunch Dish

Brunch menus to do your weekend right.


[Photo: Carey Jones]

Here's one great thing about Shopsin's. They not only have dishes unlike anyone else's; they have whole sections of their menu unlike anyone else's. While I'm always tempted by absurd stomach bombs like the Mo' Betta (eggs and sausage hugged by macaroni-and-cheese-pancakes), there are meals when I don't want an entire weekend's worth of food in one go. For those times, I've been exploring the "Poached Eggs, Cubed Toast" corner. Runny eggs over something carb-y is my favorite genre of brunch dish anyway; why not have the toast cut up for you?

Of course, there's more to each dish than that. I'm fond of the Tito ($16)—fried nubbins of chorizo tossed in with jack cheese, a loose salsa, and toast bits, with three perfect poached eggs perched on top. These components could all be separate on a plate, of course—eggs, toast, a side of chorizo, salsa in a dish. But as someone whose meals tend to be various things in a bowl with eggs on top, I appreciate the construction here, set up so that every element is eaten together, and—more importantly—every bite gets a drizzle of oozy egg yolk.

Did I refer to this as a lighter option on Shopsin's menu? It is... but yolk-drenched chorizo isn't exactly spa fare, is it.


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