Video: Behind the Scenes at Arirang Kimchi


"Artisan, hand-made kimchi, straight out of your mom's kitchen.. except this really is my mom's kitchen," says Vicky Oh, general manager of Arirang Kimchi. In the latest Food Curated video from Liza de Guia, we meet Vicky and her mom Kyung Oh, who started experimenting with kimchi recipes about 30 years ago when she moved to the United States from Korea on her honeymoon.

Based in Englewood, New Jersey, the company now goes through 500 to 600 boxes of Napa cabbage a week. If you like seeing cabbage en masse being mixed with lots of garlic, scallions, ginger, and that magical red pepper kimchi sauce (the family's secret recipe!), you will like this video. You can find jars of Arirang Kimchi (including Chongkak Kimchi, the baby radish kimchi) at select markets across New York City.

Behind the Scenes at Arirang Kimchi