Serious Eats Sandwich Festival Profile: Taim Mobile's Falafel

We'll be spotlighting all of the delicious sandwiches, desserts, and drinks you'll find at the Serious Eats All-Star Sandwich Festival from now until the big day. Hungry yet? Obvious next question, have you bought your tickets yet?

Best Falafel

When we were brainstorming vegetarian options for the Serious Eats Sandwich Festival, the crisp-shelled, light-on-the-inside falafel from Taim immediately came to mind. Conveniently, Taim now has its truck sibling, Taim Mobile, to travel on the Governors Island ferry with us to the festival and fry falafel fritters to order.

As you may recall, Taim was the victor of our epic NYC falafel tasting last year. What made it so much better than the others we tried? The bright, fresh-tasting herbs—the parsley, mint, and cilantro—but you also get the nuttiness of the chickpeas. The pita's fluffy and fresh. We're always happy eating Taïm's falafel, and it's pretty hard to eat any other after you've had this falafel greatness.

Special giveaway today! Anyone who has purchased a ticket before 6 p.m. EST today will be entered into a drawing for a copy of Susan Rosso's The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches. This pocket-sized guide to sandwich recipes, history, and trivia breaks down the origins of 100 iconic sandwiches from the Dagwood and the Fluffernutter to the Caprese and the meatball sub. Just like the event, this book will expand your sandwich horizons by sharing the joys of what comes between two slices of bread. And if you bring your winning copy, we'll all sign it!