Lunch Today: Pumpkin Buns from Golden Steamer

Lunch Today

Lunchtime adventures from the Serious Eats editors.


[Photo: Shell Tu]

Ed. Note: Our new neighborhood is so riddled with crazy inexpensive lunches that we've decided to try out as many as we can. Our lunch today could be your lunch tomorrow.

Just about ten steps away from our office, Golden Steamer is a perfect spot for a quick lunch. They specialize in steamed buns of all kinds, so in the past few days I've tried all the varieties they have. It's easy enough to do—prices range from $0.75 to $0.85 for a sizable, filling bun. Although all the flavors are tasty, with a fluffy, soft, appealing dough, my favorite is the pumpkin bun ($0.75), which distinguishes itself from others with its light yellow skin. This is by far the best bun I have had in the city and is comparable to the ones I have had back home in China. Extremely soft, the bun has a mellow pumpkin filling inside that oozes out as you squeeze it. Although they sell a six-pack for you to bring home, don't save it for later—they really do taste best straight out of the steamer.

Golden Steamer

143A Mott Street, New York NY 10013 (map) 212-226-1886