The Best Bakeries in New York: French-Style

Yesterday, we checked out our the best bakeries in New York City for cakes, cookies, and more; this morning, it's all about the pastries.

While you'll find croissants in any old bakery, good croissants, tender and flaky and buttery, are much harder to find—as are truly great almond croissants and pain au chocolat. But you'll find some excellent ones in these New York bakeries, along with tarts and caneles and palmiers and much more. Check out our favorite French bakeries in the slideshow above!

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Petrossian »
Cannelle Patisserie »
Colson Patisserie »
Patisserie Claude »
Ceci-Cela »
François Payard Bakery »
Almondine »
Lady M »
Desserts by Michael Allen »
Balthazar »

What are your favorite French bakeries?

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