Madison Square Eats: The Madison Square Park Food Market

[Photographs: Donny Tsang]

Mad. Sq. Eats is a month-long food market situated at Worth Square next to Madison Square Park. It brings back lots of familiar food vendors from the former Mad. Sq. Mark't, like Roberta's, Bar Suzette, Resto, Sigmund Pretzelshop, and Piccolo Cafe. There are also many new faces, like P & H Soda Co., Eataly, Nunu Chocolates, and Calexico. The event runs from May 6th to June 3rd and is open 11am to 9pm everyday.

Check out some of the foods you'll get to eat in the slideshow.

About the Author: Donny Tsang traded a life of traffic jams in LA for one of crowded subways in NYC, where he's been since 2003. Now he is a Brooklyn-based food photographer and founded the website Great Food Photos, where he interviews other food photographers.