The Brunch Dish: Mediterranean Crispy Dough at Miriam, Park Slope

The Brunch Dish

Brunch menus to do your weekend right.


[Photo: Carey Jones]

Bring cash and show up early for brunch at Miriam in Park Slope; the popular Israeli restaurant starts filling up soon after their 10:00am opening, and during the crowded service, they don't accept cards. But the food's good enough to justify these minor inconveniences.

Almost everything on the brunch menu costs $12.50, and includes unlimited and frequently refilled black coffee; while there are a number of omelets and eggs Benedict variations to choose from, the Mediterranean crispy dough is the real standout. Imagine a sweet, flat croissant the size of a Frisbee; it's crisp-edged and oily and stretchy in the middle and just about impossible to stop eating. The dough is served with two eggs and two sauces (one tremendously spicy harissa sauce, and one more like a weak blended salsa); they add some substance to a dish that's otherwise so indulgently delicious my mother probably wouldn't have let me order it. I've always found their eggs done perfectly; I get mine poached, with nicely set whites and oozy yolks.


Other good bets? To get your money's worth, I'd recommend Miriam's shakshuka, a rough, sweet-spicy tomato stew with two eggs, served with a full dish of their hummus and warm, fluffy pita—or, for something even more substantial, the Steak And Eggs, a tender cut of hanger steak with two eggs, bread, salad, and surprisingly excellent home fries. For $12.50 with coffee, it's about as hearty as a morning meal gets.

Miriam Restaurant and Wine Bar

79 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11217 (at Prospect Place; map) 718-622-2250