The Brunch Dish: Burger and Bloody Mary Deal at Apartment 138

The Brunch Dish

Brunch menus to do your weekend right.


[Photograph: Andrew Strenio]

It's easy to stroll right by this Boerum Hill all-day-open restaurant without realizing they have an awesome $12 brunch deal, which includes both an entrée and drink. Now, you can easily fail at the equation. A tea and open-faced scrambled eggs sandwich, for example, wouldn't give you the best bang. There's nothing wrong with either, but the duo you want at Apartment 138 is the burger and bloody Mary.

The burger on its own is worth stopping for: a nicely salted crust and juicy blend of chopped hanger and skirt steak. But it tastes better as a brunch deal (the burger is normally $11, so this is just a buck more with a drink!). The ciabatta bun is from neighborhood bakery Caputo's, and thankfully isn't too dense and bready, plus it compresses as it soaks up the beefy juices. As for cheese options, they spend about a minute listing them all off: cheddar, havarti, pepper jack, fresh mozzarella (wait, fresh? melted on a burger?), American, and a few more. I lost track after cheddar, but the sharpness was perfect for cutting the beef.

And to drink? You've got options: tea, Stumptown coffee, or juice—all fine if you're going the teetotaler route, but the Bloody Mary is full of ripe tomato juices and has a horseradish kick. And to repeat, if you do the math after the burger, it's only a buck.

Apartment 138

138 Smith Street, Brooklyn NY 11201 (map) 718-858-0556;