Sugar Rush: Bircher Müesli at Peels

Sugar Rush

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[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

I've never been a milk-and-cereal type of person. But müesli? Oh yes! I usually make it at home, or order it at restaurants on occasions. Peels, however, is one of the few places I know that makes a version you can just pick up to-go. It's pre-packed and stocked next to all those glorious pastries and cakes, $7 for a filling serving.

Here toasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds evenly distributed between the bottom and top of the cup meet creamy, chilled spoonfuls of apple cider and yogurt-soaked oats. It seems too creamy to be healthy, but guilt is assuaged by a handful of halved grapes and pears. The perfect accompaniment to this snack? Peel's homemade Graham Crackers ($1.50), nutty, loveable, and just a tad salty. Little is more satisfying than crumbling up that cracker and mixing it into the müesli. Spoon up!


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