Sugar Rush: Butternut Squash Crème Brûlée at Yuba

Sugar Rush

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[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

If the dessert menu at Yuba sounds familiar, it's because all but one of the sweets are sourced from Lady M on the Upper East Side. Keep an eye out for the Butternut Squash Crème Brûlée ($8), the single housemade dessert. It's worthy end to any meal, a ramekin with a deep, velvety custard base, the thin torched sugar surface cracking as you slide a fork in. The butternut squash flavor comes through boldly, with hints of cinnamon; it's a creamy, yet not excessively indulgent sweet. It might be hard to tear yourself away from any menu offering of Lady M's Matche Mille Crepe cake; for those who are indecisive the best solution is to get both. After all, portions are on the dainty side.


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