The Best Doughnuts in NYC

In 2008, we published a guide to the Best Doughnuts in New York—introducing you to gigantic jam and custard filled doughnuts in the Time Warner Center; crullers in Sunnyside, Queens; mochi doughnuts in Koreatown; and cinnamon cake doughnuts in Brooklyn. But that was three years ago, and new doughnut shops have popped up all over the city.

So this year, we've taken up the challenge: again eating our way through the streets of New York, stopping at not only the high-profile new doughnut spots, but every doughnut place we could find. And here, from those dozens of stops, are the very best.

(Please note that doughnuts served at sit-down restaurants are not included; you'll find our favorite restaurant doughnuts here).

Check out the slideshow for our favorite doughnuts in New York.

Best in New York

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By Category...

Best Glazed Yeast Doughnut: Peter Pan »
Best Doughnut Holes: Dough » Donut Pub »
Best Baked Doughnuts: Babycakes »
Best Custard + Jam Doughnut: Bouchon Bakery »
Best Oatmeal Doughnut: Doughnut Plant »
Best Nut-Topped Doughnut: Balthazar »
Best Doughnuts to Eat Warm: Brindle Room »
Best Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut: Peels » Pies 'n' Thighs »
Best Mini Doughnut: Trois Pommes »
Best Bomboloni: Sullivan Street Bakery » Falai»
Best Chocolate Doughnut: Pies 'n' Thighs »
Best Jam Doughnut: Leske's »
Best Mochi Doughnut: Koryodang »
Best Cruller: Alpha Donuts »
All around good: Mike's Donuts »

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