Weekend 'New York Times' Food News


Food Revolution in Pittsburgh: A city known for its pirogi and kielbasa is welcoming farmers' markets and conscientious cuisine.

Oscar Party Eats: Recipes for spicy caramel popcorn, savory cheddar biscotti, and more.

Burgermeester in Amsterdam: Beef, tuna, and lamb burgers are served at this mini-chain, where the walls are adorned with cow art.

Academy Award Cocktails: Drinks inspired by the nominees are perfect for toasting their wins.

Blood, Bones & Butter: "Though Ms. Hamilton's brilliantly written new memoir is rhapsodic about food...the book is hardly just for foodies."

Critic's Advice: Where to go out when you want to dress up, and grieving the loss of a favorite restaurant.

The Selby Juice Press: This East Village juice and raw food spot's amazing elixirs have created a loyal following.

Evelyn Sharpe's French Chocolate Cake: "This is the low-lying, intense chocolate cake that comes to mind when you think of 1980s dining."

Rice With Leeks and Pea Tendrils: Red and black rice impart plenty of flavor, and nutrition to boot.