Smörgåsboard: Pide, Kati Rolls


[Photo: Eating In Translation]

  • Kiymali pide at Mangal Kebab: "The chewy crust curls around seasoned ground lamb, but you can also procure a pide featuring sheep's milk cheese, or egg and dried-beef sausage, or spit-roasted sliced lamb--whatever floats your boat." [Eating In Translation]
  • Paneer roll at the Biryani Cart: "Between the cheese and the white sauce, it was a mild roll, but very pleasant- especially if you're a cheese fan." [Midtown Lunch]
  • Bak Fan Yu at Brooklyn's East Harbor Seafood Palace: "Perfectly crispy, these are like little crunchy fishy chips. Super addictive." [Blondie and Brownie]