Morning Muffins at Ted and Honey in Cobble Hill

Muffinzz Serious Eats.jpg

The Morning Muffin is on the bottom. The one who looks a bit squished, but isn't. [Photograph: Hannah Smith-Drelich]

Muffins are heralds of the morning. Craggy and misshapen, they line up in bumpy rows like so many bed-headed mini breakfasts. My favorite part about a muffin is its overhanging lip—the "muffin top" of a muffin—because let's face it: no one wants a fit muffin without pudge.

The muffins at Ted and Honey in Cobble Hill have a nice pinchable bulge and a wonderfully delicate crumb that will get any morning off to a good start. There is a rotating array of choices, but on any given day you can nab lemon blueberry, banana dark chocolate chip, or a lemon poppy seed with a zingy lemon glaze. My favorite muffin, however, was an anomaly in muffin anatomy: it has no muffin top. The Morning Glory I tried was gloriously sunken, heavy with healthy things like carrots, apples, zucchini, bran, raisins of all colors (well, yellow raisins and raisin-colored raisins) and pecans.

All of those things together may sound scary to anyone who's not a fiber junkie, but never fear— just because it's good for you doesn't mean it has to be rock-dense and cakey. And really, it probably isn't that good for you.

Ted and Honey

264 Clinton Street, Brooklyn NY 11201 (map) 718-852-2212