Lunch for One: Tamarind Tribeca

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[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]



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I am hopelessly addicted to the Kolambhiche Botate at Tamarind Tribeca. These potato pancakes come only as part of the three-course $24 prix fixe lunch—but if you're in the mood for a serious, sit-down lunch, it's an excellent deal. There are three appetizer options, but this is the best, a duo of tall and golden potato pancakes. Mashed potatoes are mixed with chopped onions, tomatoes, a ton of cilantro, and prawns. Don't expect a whole prawn tucked inside; the prawns are chopped into single-bite pieces, not a generous portion, but enough to announce its presence. Breaded and deep fried, the pancakes are served with a sweet red chili chutney. It's undeniably satisfying, savory and crisp on the outside and butter-soft inside. Fills you right up, but do try to save room for the next course...

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I'd recommend the Noorjehani Kofte Ki Kari, otherwise known as chicken dumplings. For the entree part of the menu, you can pick two meats from five options. Make sure one of those options are the "dumplings." A creamy coconut milk curry serves as the base for two chubby ground chicken balls, supremely light and loosely packed with onions. The curry is heavy with fennel and star anise; you'd be wise to use that side of hot basil naan to soak it clean. Biryani and a daily vegetable side dish come alongside; there is more than enough food for a filling lunch. Dessert is a pick between mango cheesecake and lychee kulfi. (The kufli puts the cheesecake to shame.)

Tamarind Tribeca

99 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013 (map) 212-775-9000