Coffee Chronicles: Upcoming Events


Now that the first taste of spring has lapped at our heels, New Yorkers may be looking forward to brighter things again—like exciting events in the city's coffee scene! When better to dust off the ol' Chemex and give her a whirl again than after one of these motivating events?

Cupping Classes at Intelligentsia (ongoing)
Intelligentsia NYC Training Lab (594 Broadway, Suite 909A, Manhattan) Want to learn to taste coffee thoughtfully, outside of a chaotic cafe environment? Intelligentsia's stealthy NYC coffee lab hosts regular guided cuppings, most Wednesdays, for only $10 a person.

Manual Home Brewing Class at the Brooklyn Kitchen (Weds Feb 23, 6:30pm)
The Brooklyn Kitchen (100 Frost Street, Brooklyn) Adding coffee to its constantly packed roster of culinary instruction workshops, the Brooklyn Kitchen—and, full disclosure, me!—will host a home coffee brewing class, showing how to make the most of low-fuss, small-kitchen-friendly solutions for making amazing coffee at home like the Aeropress, Chemex and Clever dripper. $40.

Milk Chemistry Lab (Thurs March 10, 2-5pm)
Counter Culture Coffee Training Center (37 West 26th St., Suite 400, Manhattan) Counter Culture has one of the best coffeelabs in the city—spacious, handsome, packed with talent and coffee toys. Already know how to make espresso at a professional quality level? Get your lactose nerd on at one of their milk chemistry classes, exploring texturing, pouring, and how it all works. $75.

New York Coffee People Prevernal Fling (Sun March 13, 7:30pm)
Kettle of Fish (59 Christopher Street, Manhattan) Gather round all ye coffee people and coffee people friends for this (sort of) biannual gathering of coffee-positive folks hanging out totally nowhere near espresso machines, latte art contests, or anything else. Bring your favorite barista or just come and socialize at the third, fourth, or fifth annual (we forget) NY Coffee People spring fling. You never know—you might even leave with a tattoo! Free.

And last, but definitely not least... in April, New York City will finally play host to the...

Northeast Regional Barista Championship (April 8-10)
Milk Studios (450 W 15th Street - 8th Floor, Studio D) The road to the World Barista Championship in Bogota this June starts right here for baristas from New York and 12 other nearby states—a three-day cavalcade of exquisitely prepared espressos, cappuccinos, and signature drinks served up by the some of the most talented, passionate coffee professionals you'll ever find. The event is hosted by the Specialty Coffee Association of America in conjunction with the Barista Guild of America and Dallis Bros. Coffee—if you've never seen a barista competition before, well, you've never seen someone infuse agave and chile chocolate into espresso while dancing to Coldplay. (I kid. Sort of.) Free.