Sugar Rush: O Cafe's Pao de Mel

Sugar Rush

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[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

At the new O Cafe on the corner of 6th Avenue and 12th Street, the Pao de Mel ($3.50) is one of the few goods baked in-house. The honey cake is sticky, dense, and mildly sweet with chopped walnuts. Dipped in a glossy cover of dark chocolate, the nutmeg-rich cake brings to mind Honey Cakes sold at nearby Bee Desserts, only these are more rustic and hearty. If you crave a tiny savory bite to follow this cake, fork over $1.50 for Pao de Queijo, house-baked. The chewy Brazillian cheese bread is sold by tiny, indulgent two-bite rounds. They're cheesy with a distinctive, satisfying mochi-like chew. A perfect follow-up to balance sweet with savory.

O Cafe

482 6th Avenue, New York NY 10012 (map) 212-229-2233