The Best Oatmeal in NYC: The 2011 Edition

Last year, we brought you our report on the best oatmeal in New York, in which we discovered our favorite sometimes-$1 oatmeal (Jamba Juice), our favorite fruit topping (cinnamon-spiked apples with caramel sauce at Iris Cafe) and our favorite $16 oatmeal (Norma's oatmeal brulee—seriously).

But we never tire of our favorite hot cereal, and neither, it seems, do New York restaurants. We thought last year's roundup was pretty exhaustive, but this year we've uncovered more under-$3 winners, more dessert-like indulgences, and—wait for it—bacon oatmeal. You knew it had to happen.

Our Favorites

Ted and Honey: Banana Compote and Pumpkin Squash ($6)

Egg Farm on Adderley Prune Ted and Honey Les Halles Bouley Studio

Worth Knowing About

Noho Star: Steel-Cut Oatmeal Brulee ($10)

Caffe Falai Liquiteria Noho Star

Cheap and Tasty

Whole Foods, Union Square: Oatmeal ($2.50)

Whole Foods Brooklyn Bagel Brooklyn Fare

Good for Giggles

Max Brenner: Melting Cinnamon Chocolate Chunks Oatmeal ($8.95)

Max Brenner

Read all about them in the slideshow above »