Gallery: Our Favorite Buffalo Wings in New York City

#1 (Tie): Bonnie's Grill
#1 (Tie): Bonnie's Grill

Skin Crispness: 4. Most awesomely crisp, but some had a bit of flabby skin still underneath.

Juiciness: 4. Plenty of juicy, meaty chicken.

Sauce flavor: 4. A great vinegar-pepper balance; it tasted like Frank's.

Portion size: 4 points. 10 wings, $7.95; 20 wings, $12.95, and they're big.

Overall Satisfaction: 7.5. Big but not too big, doused in sauce but not made soggy by them, served crisp and steaming-hot. Classic and satisfying.

Total Score: 23.5/30 points

Heat level: 4/5: even the medium makes your mouth tingle.

Blue cheese/celery: Celery was nice and crisp; carrots looked a little older; blue cheese was a little thin.

Bonnie’s Grill: 278 5th Avenue, Brooklyn NY 10001 (map); 212-369-9527;

#1 (Tie): Wogies
#1 (Tie): Wogies

Skin Crispness: 4 points. Nice even crunch until the last wing.

Juiciness: 3.5 points. The flats had plenty of juice, but the drumettes verged on dry.

Sauce flavor:  4 points. Good balance of vinegar and spice. Could have used a little more sauce.

Portion size: 3.5 points. 10 wings, $8.25; 20 wings, $16; 50 wings, $39; 100 wings, $75 

Overall Satisfaction: 8.5 points. Wings that are served in a classic way without feeling generic, in a sports bar that feels the same way.

Total Score: 23.5/30 points.

Heat level: 3/5: it slowly built up, but was by no means unbearable at any point.

Blue cheese/celery: Fresh celery, and bottled, but chunky blue cheese.  

Wogie’s Bar and Grill: 39 Greenwich Avenue, New York NY 10014 (map); 212-229-2171;

#3: The Wing Bar
#3: The Wing Bar

Skin Crispness: 4.5. Deliciously, gloriously crisp all over.

Juiciness: 3. Some wings are a teeny bit on the dry side; others are bang-on.

Sauce flavor: 4. Totally classic with a good heat-vinegar balance.

Portion size: 4 points. 10 Wings, $7.50; 20 Wings, $14, and they're reasonably big.

Overall Satisfaction: 7.5. When these things are fresh, the first crunch can't be beat; that said, we could've used a little more sauce and, on a few wings, a little less cookin'.

Total Score: 23/30 points

Heat level: 3/5: The medium lets you know it's hot sauce, but doesn't set your mouth aflame.

Blue cheese/celery: 4.5. Crisp veggies and a thick, flavorful blue cheese dressing that tastes like blue cheese, not goop.

The Wing Bar: 275 Smith Street, Brooklyn NY 11231 (map); 212-237-2728

#4: Landsdowne Road
#4: Landsdowne Road

Skin Crispness: 5 points. By far the crispest wings we tried. 

Juiciness: 4.5 points. Very juicy, even the drumettes. 

Sauce flavor:  1 points. What little sauce there was tasted of all heat, no vinegar kick, no buttery richness. 

Portion size: 4.5 points 12 wings, $7.95; 24 wings, $12.95; 50 wings, $23.95, and really big.  

Overall Satisfaction: 7.5 points. Crisp skin goes a long way. If only we could bring our own sauce, these'd be the best in the city.   

Total Score: 22.5/30 points.

Heat level: 4 points. There wasn't much sauce, but it packed a punch!   

Blue cheese/celery: Celery was crisp, but looked like it had been sitting in water for a long time. The blue cheese was bottled. 

Lansdowne Road: 599 10th Avenue, New York, NY (map); 212-239-8020;

#5: Blondie's
#5: Blondie's

Skin Crispness: 3 points. Moderately crisp, but with a few soft spots here and there.

Juiciness: 3 points. Juicy flats, dry drumettes! 

Sauce flavor:  4 points. Classic Frank's flavor, well-balanced with butter. 

Portion size: 2 points. 10 wings, $9.95; 20 wings, $16.95; 50 wings $38.95; 100 wings, $69.95 

Overall Satisfaction: 7 points. Very solid wings, if subtly flawed in a few areas. 

Total Score: 19/30 points.

Heat level: 3/5, Their medium was totally bearable.    

Blue cheese/celery: Very fresh and crisp celery, generic bottled gloppy blue cheese dressing. 

Blondies Sports Bar & Restaurant: 212 West 79th Street, New York NY 10024 (map); 212-362-3311;

#6: The Wing Wagon
#6: The Wing Wagon

Skin Crispness: 3.5. A good bit of crunch, though with some flabby areas.

Juiciness: 3.5. When you get meat, it's juicy, but it's hard to get meat.

Sauce flavor: 2.5. The medium ends up tasting more like grease with a little hot sauce accent. The "hot," however, is well-integrated with good flavor and a nice burn.

Portion size: 3 points. 10, $7.50; 20, $14.50, but they're small.

Overall Satisfaction: 6. Chicken wings don't have to be huge and unwieldy, but you shouldn't feel like you're just eating skin on bone, either.

Total Score: 18.5/30 points

Heat level: Mediums are barely identifiable as hot wings. Hot is about a 3: lip-tingling, not burning.

Blue cheese/celery: Limp celery and thin, gloopy blue cheese.

The Wing Wagon: 351 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn NY 1238 (map); 212-398-0501

#7: Buffalo Boss
#7: Buffalo Boss

Skin Crispness: 3.5 points. What little skin there was was crisp enough to start.

Juiciness: 4 points. These wings were tiny, but they packed some juice! 

Sauce flavor:  3 points. It had an odd sweetness to it, but was otherwise balanced. 

Portion size: 1 point. 5 wings, $4.50; 10 wings, $8; 15 wings $12; 20 wings, $15; and the wings are miniscule.  

Overall Satisfaction: 6 points. We admire that they use organic chicken, and they taste good, but the diminutive drumettes left us wondering, "What are these, buffalo wings for ants?" 

Total Score: 17.5/30 points.

Heat level: 4/5. Hot!    

Blue cheese/celery: Pretty standard celery and chunky blue cheese. Ranch available, too.

Buffalo Boss: 554 Fulton Street, Brooklyn NY 11217 (map); 212-624-2677

Honorable Mention: Blind Tiger
Honorable Mention: Blind Tiger

We felt Blind Tiger deserved a special mention because while their wings aren't traditional, they were the best "homemade" buffalo wings we tried. With a smoky, hot, and vinegary sauce and homemade real blue cheese dressing, their wings might not have the Frank's Red Hot comfort we're looking for in classic wings, but we'd still happily down a bucket of'em during the game!

Blind Tiger Ale House: 281 Bleecker Street, New York NY 10014 (map); 212- 462-4682;