Sugar Rush: Pacifikool Ginger Syrups

Sugar Rush

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[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

On my most recent trip home to Hawai'i, I was thrilled to discover that Pacifikool, one of my favorite food vendors at the Saturday KCC Farmer's Market, ships their product throughout the US. At the Farmer's Market, the Pacifikool stand sells a variety of made-to-order carbonated ginger drinks, created from their signature Ginger Syrups. The syrups are bottled and available for purchase, $7 for 6.5 ounces, and comes in Hawaiian Ginger and Thai Ginger flavors.

What to do with these syrups? Drinks are the first thing that come to mind, and I love replicating their Island Ginger Ale with the Hawaiian ginger syrup, lime, seltzer water, and bit of ice. Get creative and add basil and fresh fruit purees to your concoction. The syrup has also served beautifully as a gelato topper, and a little splash goes a long way in my glass of iced tea. Each bottle comes with a useful note of suggestions on how to incorporate it into both sweet and savory items, certainly worth a read even if you only plan to use the syrup for drinks. They don't have an online order form, but check here for contact information to place orders by email.


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