Sugar Rush: Robicelli's Holiday Cupcakes

Sugar Rush

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[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

With a quick shift into the holiday season, Robicelli's just put out their festive cupcake flavors today. There's a Chocolate Candy Cane ($3), where peppermint buttercream meets crushed candy canes on a mint chocolate-chocolate chip cake base; for something a touch boozier, you'll want the Hot Buttered Rum, a rum and butterscotch-soaked vanilla cake with matching buttercream. My personal favorite? The Duckwalk, which was previously a seasonal flavor but will now appear throughout the year. A creamy, tangy blueberry port and mascarpone buttercream over a consistently tender vanilla cake. And finally, there's a Tiramisu cupcake, moist with espresso-soaked cake and silky espresso ganache spilled over the top.

Husband and wife team Matt and Allison Robicelli always walk the fine line between creativity and overkill, but they always get it right.

Robicelli's Cupcakes

Sold at various locations throughout NYC Check website for updated flavors and delivery dates