Sugar Rush: Root Beer Cookies and Ice Cream at Ruby et Violette

Sugar Rush

Your daily dose of something sweet.

20101029 Ruby et Violette Blkforest Ice Cream.jpg

[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

Have you tried Ruby et Violette's Root Beer Cookies ($2.50) before? They're quite spectacular. Give the still-warm cookie a sniff, and root beer is all you smell, the scent of the sassafras alarmingly strong. Then bite into the soft cookie, and all you taste is root beer, with the chocolate, slowly, barely creeping in. Looks are deceiving, as I expected this to be a dark, chocolatey cookie. But instead you're greeted with light hints of chocolate, pops of white and dark chocolate chips, semi-melted and nestled into the tender, cakey cookie. Memorable, and definitely worth going out of your way for.

While you're there, don't pass on a scoop of housemade Cookie Dough Ice Cream ($3.55). Ice cream selections change daily, with about five flavors from a total of twenty-one offered on any given day. What makes these ice creams unique? The inclusion of their signature cookie dough batter (minus the eggs) mixed into every flavor, from Cinnamon Apple Pie to Maple Walnut. The cookie dough-to-ice cream ratio is deliciously high, close to 40:60. Black Forest Ice Cream (pictured above) is killer, a dense and cream cherry ice cream base with chunks of Black Forest cookie dough, studded in sweet dried cherries and white and dark chocolate chips.

Ruby et Violette

457 West 50th Street, New York NY 10019 (map) 718-728-6250