Sugar Rush: Robicelli's Butternut Spice Cupcakes

Sugar Rush

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[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

In perfect tune with the season, Robicelli's recently introduced an excellent Butternut Spice Cupcake ($3.50), available for just a few short weeks. A golden, soft butternut squash cake, kept moist with a healthy helping of the squash itself, is paired with vanilla buttercream and crunchy candied pumpkin seeds. Drizzles of butternut squash seed oil seals the deal, making this much more than just your ordinary cupcake. While you're at it, don't miss out on two other new cupcakes. First, the Dark Chocolate Dulce (pictured in the back), a dark chocolate cake base paired with a hauntingly smooth and somewhat smoky dulce de leche buttercream, with flecks of sea salt and dark chocolate drizzles to complete the creation. Second, another seasonal flavor, the Apple-Maple Crisp Cupcake, topped with roasted apple butter, oat crisp, and maple syrup. All we need is warm apple cider!

Robicelli's Cupcakes

Sold at various locations throughout NYC Check website for updated flavors and delivery dates