Sugar Rush: Chocolate-Banana Cream Pie at Two Little Red Hens

Sugar Rush

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20101004 Two Little Red Hens Banana Choco Pie.jpg

[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

There's chocolate cream pie and banana cream pie, but we have Two Little Red Hens to thank for merging the two. Hello, Chocolate-Banana Cream Pie! Each single-serving pie runs $6.50, and is just as tall as it is wide. A billowing mini-mountain of chocolate whipped cream, thick and full-bodied, finished in chocolate shavings and powdered sugar—that's the first element to register. You've got to sink a fork all the way down to make it to the thin layer of fresh banana slices sandwiched by a thick, fudgy dark chocolate mousse. All that is quite something alone—but it's the bakery's pie crust that ties everything in, understated, buttery and browned. My only quibble? With all that chocolate, a few more layers of banana slices would balance the pie to perfection.

Two Little Red Hens

1652 Second Avenue, New York NY 10028 (map) 212-452-0476