Sugar Rush: After-Dessert Desserts at Per Se

Sugar Rush

Your daily dose of something sweet.


[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

The main question I've received after eating at Thomas Keller's three Michelin-starred restaurant Per Se about two weeks ago is, "Was it worth it?" As someone who rarely eats anywhere with a dress code or orders entrées that cost more than $20, I'd say yes. $275 gets you more than a nine-course dinner—you get a pampered, but unstuffy experience that tests the limits of your stomach and the scope of your taste buds.

As far as the menu goes, it's really more than nine courses. The end of the menu under the second dessert course (yes, you need two of them) simply says "MIGNARDISES," small bite-sized desserts, but that the word is plural doesn't tell you how much more is coming. Although your stomach is straining under the pressure of nine courses by the time you're presented with this buffet of small, sweet treats, you can't not try them all.

...Or maybe that's just me. Hell, I made it this far—I took at least one bite of every mignardise, pictured above. It felt like another meal. A meal I would gladly pay for again once I save enough money. Here's a run down of each dessert:

Row 1: Assorted chocolate bon bons (you can choose more than two, but two is definitely enough); popcorn-flavored white chocolate bon bons
Row 2: Chocolate-covered hazelnuts; "coffee and doughnuts" (cappuccino semifreddo and doughnut holes rolled in cinnamon sugar)
Row 3: Caramels, macarons, more chocolate bon bons; hand pulled candies

My dining partners and I were also each given a pack of three chocolate-filled sandwich shortbread cookies so the sweet, buttery calorie-fest could continue at home.

Per Se

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