Coffee Chronicles: Upgrades at Southside Coffee


[Photos: Liz Clayton]

The quietly amazing Southside Coffee has been bringing some of New York's highest-caliber coffee beverages to the calm corners of the South Slope-Windsor Terrace for awhile now without making a big to-do about it. But the Sixth Avenue mainstay may have—modestly—gotten a little ritzier this month.

Brewers of Intelligentsia coffee from day one, Southside has now augmented their featured roasters with selections from North Carolina's Counter Culture Coffee (no stranger to New York coffee drinkers) and PT's coffee from the heart of—wait for it—Kansas. PT's expansion into Gotham may be coming up from behind, but another cafe going multi-roaster is great for the cafe-goer and coffee-learner. (Cafe Grumpy, the city's first shop to regularly offer a diverse assortment of roasters' beans, sticks to their own roasts these days, though Tribeca's Kaffe 1668 and Third Rail still mix it up all the time.)


Co-owners Josh Sidis and Ben Jones intend to use the new featured roasters to showcase manually brewed coffees on the Chemex and the delicious, diabolically awesome, and not-seen-enough Clever Dripper. Intelligentsia's Black Cat blend will stay in the espresso grinder, but watch for seasonally rotating selections from these and other roasters to show up on the ever-expanding drip coffee menu. Snack-eaters will also be excited to hear that sister restaurant Lot 2, across the street from Southside, has donated some oven time to helping the cafe launch their own new line of in-house baked goods, too, including an indecently tasty peanut-butter cookie sandwich.

102010coffee3.jpg.jpg(Sorry to diverge from coffee talk, but you'll need at least a second cup to rinse that bad boy down with, I promise.)

Southside Coffee

652 6th Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215 (map) 971-570-1141