Yong He Zhi Jia in Flushing Mall's Food Court: Menu


[Photo credit: Lingbo Li]

Despite having a deceptively full menu, as of my last visit, this place was only serving soy milk. Hot or cold. A girl's gotta have choices. Still, there's a full menu up for whenever they decide to start serving it again.


Soup noodle and pickled cabbage and pork Soup noodle and green cabbage and pork Noodle with meat sauce Soup noodle and sliced beef Soup noodle and mixed vegetable Soup noodle and seafood Soup noodle and fried tofu Soup rice noodle and sliced beef Sweet soybean milk (cold) Sweet soybean milk (hot) Salty soybean milk (hot) Sweet soybean curds (hot) Salty soybean curds (hot) Sesame cake, Taiwanese style Deep fried cruller Radish sou bing Scallion sou bing Red bean sou bing


133-31 39th Ave Flushing, NY 11354

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