Gluten-Free Silver Dollar Pancakes at Fairway Cafe


[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

Mitchel London recently introduced Gluten-Free Pancakes ($9) to the Fairway Cafe menu, made from a recipe originally created for his sister who needed to eat gluten-free. He won't disclose the exact ingredients, so those, I can't offer you—but I can certainly tell you that they are fantastic whether you're on a gluten-free diet or not.

The petite silver dollar-sized pancakes are stacked high, six to an order, with fresh blueberries, butter, and maple syrup on the side. Each one is perfectly browned on both sides, buttery all their own, with tender, fluffy interiors. I wouldn't have thought them gluten-free if I didn't know beforehand; the only textural difference I noted from regular pancakes were that these were a touch more chewy. (I suspect a combination of rice and tapioca flour in play, but until Michael divulges, who knows?) I'll just have to return for another round to try to figure it out. Note, they serve this on the lunch menu everyday—so the pancakes aren't only a weekend affair.

Fairway Cafe

2127 Broadway, New York NY 10023 (map) 212-595-1888