Sugar Rush: Apple Turnovers at Duane Park Patisserie

Sugar Rush

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[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

Duane Park Patisserie is known for its great Apple Turnovers ($2.50). These golden, flaky wonders must be procured before 10 a.m., lest they sell out for the day. But on a few recent visits, I found the turnovers a little soggy. A bounty of sweet baked apple chunks were hidden inside the triangles, but one bite was all it took to confirm that the buttery layers of crust had gone limp. Hold one end of the turnover, and the other side would flop and fold down. Perhaps the late-summer heat was to blame; I'll have to return now that the weather has cooled off. Meanwhile, the lemonade ($2.50) is as good as ever, bright, fresh, and lightly sweetened.

Duane Park Patisserie

179 Duane Street, New York, NY 10013 (map) 212-274-8447