Miaokou Snacks in Flushing Mall's Food Court: Menu


[Photo credits: Robyn Lee>]

Named after Taiwan's famous night market, this stall serves traditional Taiwanese street snacks and dishes. I translated the handwritten Chinese menu, and since the English version is not a direct comparison, I'm including it with the caveat that not all of them are perfect translations.


Translated Menu ($2-6)

廟口肉卷(三丝卷)Miaokou rollup of slivered vegetables 滷筍乾 Stewed bamboo shoots 台式香肠 Taiwanese style sausage 滷豆腐 Stewed tofu 天婦羅 Tempura 油飯 Taiwanese fried rice 滷肉販 Stewed pork with rice 五拼小菜 Five side dishes 三拼小菜 Three side dishes 五味醬大腸 Five flavored intestine with sauce 醉雞爪 Drunken chicken feet 切仔乾麵 "Qiezi" Taiwanese dry noodles (oil noodles with vegetables with Chinese leek and pork) 切仔湯麵 "qiezi" Taiwanese soup noodles 切仔乾米粉 "qiezi" dry Taiwanese rice noodle 切仔湯米粉 "qiezi" Taiwanese rice noodle with soup 大腸米粉湯 Rice noodle soup with intestine 魚羹麵 Noodles in thick fish soup 魚羹米粉 Rice noodles in thick fish soup 廟口羹麵Miaokou thick soup noodle 廟口羹米粉Miaokou thick soup rice noodle 廟口羹 Miaokou thick soup 筍乾燒肉飯(招牌飯)Bamboo shoots and pork with rice (house specialty) 三寶飯 Three treasure rice 筍乾炸魚片飯 Bamboo shoots and fried fish slices with rice 排骨蓋飯 Spareribs on rice 苦瓜排骨湯滷肉飯 Bitter melon with spareribs and stewed pork with rice 香菇雞湯滷肉飯 Mushroom with chicken soup and rice 台式餛飩湯Taiwanese-style wonton soup 四神湯 4 herb soup 台式炒米粉 Taiwanese-style fried rice noodle

Desserts ($2.50 for small, $4.50 for large)

廟口紅豆湯圓 Sticky rice flour dumpling in red bean 廟口 花生湯圓Sticky rice flour dumpling with peanut 廟口綜合湯圓 Sticky rice flour dumpling with a varied soup 廟口紅豆湯 Red bean soup 廟口綠豆湯 Green bean soup 廟口肉圓 Sticky rice flour dumpling with meat filling 廟口碗粿 Steamed rice cakes


133-31 39th Ave Flushing, NY 11354

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