Let's Talk About Onion Rings


Onion rings from Stand. [Photo: Robyn Lee]

Yep, we're going from fries to onion rings. I've had onion rings on the brain recently, after an excellent but somewhat unorthodox basket at Bark Hot Dogs in Park Slope—super-thin, super-crunchy fragments of onion, fried to what's pushing a russet brown. There's room for all kinds of onion rings, for these, for piles of onion strings, even for the onion loaf, but I'm not sure I've had my ideal onion ring in New York—big, intact onion circles with a crispy sheath that actually adheres to the onion, not sliding right off; batter puffy but not too puffy, fried until crunchy but greaseless.

What are your favorite onion rings out there? I'm sure this town musy have a few good rings.